Sorry for the non-posting, guys!

I kind of assumed everyone would know what was going on, but then I realized that’s kind of rude. We all know what assuming does.

So, here is my official notice of hiatus.

Between work, school, and my internship/externship at First Class Fashionista, I rarely have time to sleep, let alone update my blog.

HOWEVER I do update my work (every day of my life, basically).

I post 2 times a week on First Class Fashionista, so check out my work there!

Additionally, I update my Instagram & Twitter (serahstyles) and my Tumblr (serahinvogueish) on a really regular basis.


Thank you!


Barrera International Autumn/Winter 2013/2014


In accordance with my shiny new internship, all of my follow-up coverage is posted on First Class Fashionista! Click for a link to my article, along with video and photos for the event. (I do have some photos I took personally I can post ASAP!) 😉

Barrera International – Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection Preview

I need to tell you what I’ve been working on.

Guess who will be representing First Class Fashionista this Thursday? (Because you’ll never guess, here, on *my* blog…)

Alright, it’s me! ^0^ I will be at the Barrera International Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection Preview down in the Santa Fe Art Districts, dolled up and ready to cover the event for everyone who has an interest in fashion, especially locally.

Barrera FlyerPhoto credits: Designer Juan Jimenez, Erroll Perkins- Beauty Director, Ted Medina- Hair Lead Stylist , Photo Credit-Kevin Alexander , Model-Oumou D

This Thursday will be an amazing fashion event not to be missed; we here in Denver should feel privileged to host this show.

Join fashionistas, fashion industry professionals, and other fashion-enthusiasts in a night previewing the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection of Juan Jimenez. Jimenez, only 22 (youth in vogue!) , is the designer at the helm of Berrera International. He recently graduated from Johnson & Whales and has interned at Tom Ford. I don’t normally do quote-for-quote from websites, but I love this:

“Every piece in the collection has been cut, assembled, stitched and sewn by hand to achieve perfection. From luxurious evening gowns to simple staple pieces, be sure to find a wide selection of items to covet. The beauty of this and every Barrera collection will be the availability to customize every look and make each piece unique.”
-Barrera International.

Berrera International throws out the power words “luxury, character & exclusivity”. What woman doesn’t want to be described in those terms?!

Those attending will be privy to the first glance at his Asia-meets-French-Couture collection, as well as formally introducing the designer’s Menswear collection and the newest pieces in the Barrera International’s Ready to Wear and Couture concepts.

So. My local people all need to be there. Seriously.

It’s going to be down in the Santa Fe Art District, specifically the Space Gallery (765 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204), and doors are at 9 PM. Unless you go for broke and get a VIP ticket. They *are* a little costly, but you get a lot for your money.  Plus, who doesn’t want to feel like a red-carpet celeb for a night? (PS. I will be there getting mingly with the VIPs; black tie, camera, iPad recording software. I’m techno-chic.)

Doors are at 8 PM for  and hour of VIP reception. With that, you get includes a Latin/Asian fusion menu and specialty themed cocktails, private parking, and front row seating.

Black tie attire is mandatory. (But really, how often do you get to wear black tie? I’m excited!)

General Admission is $25; VIP is $100 for 2 guests.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit SafeHouse Denver, serving victims of domestic violence and their children since 1977.

If you’re still unsure, I suggest you watch this video, taken last year by the First Class Fashionista team (now I’m on the team! Yay!), to get a feel for what’s gonna go down in D-town.

For ticket information [you will 😉 ] visit http://barrerainternational.eventbrite.com or email info@barrerainternational.com.

See you there! -xxo

beginning of a journey

“I’m a working class person, working with class.”

Karl Lagerfeld.

The famous, infamous Lagerfeld.

A wonderful introduction to my first serious blog. Due to my ambition to be a fashion journalist, I decided to jump into blogging. For real this time.

I’m not entirely sure where to go or what this will cover, but I suppose that this, as with all things, will evolve over time to it’s true form; the fun is in the journey, after all.

So as of now I intend to cover local Denver trends, fashion events I can manage to attend, fashion-related opinions, and home ideas applicable to your average student/poor fashionista-wannabe.

let’s get to work;; xoxo