Fall Trends ; Rain Boot Edition

Well, fall is officially here!

And for those of us in Colorado, the first couple weeks of Autumn means some intense raining.

Seriously, flooding happens. Dams broke, roads were closed, I thought I wasn’t going to make it to work (and in all reality, should have probably weaseled out of that flood-plain adventure.). So, what’s an out-and-about girl to do? Not all of us can avoid the weather and hide inside sipping fresh apple cider and pouring over the September issues of our favorite mags again (wish as we might) so….
When the weather gets tough, the tough get rain boots!

I know. It sounds pretty horribly lame. Rain boots have this negative, childish connotation that seriously needs to end its reign here. (Get it? I’m punny.) They’re functional footwear, and there are ways to still look good while keeping your new pedi dry; here’s my top 5 looks for every personality.

The Classicist

Joules Women's Welly Print Wellies - Navy Floral

For the woman who wants to totally eschew the childish appeal while reaping the rewards of the wellies, we have this lovely pair from Joules. These lovely things are not only a classy way to incorporate rain boots into your wardrobe, but florals are completely on-trend for Fall/Winter 2013 (according to Stylesight, my dear love and forecasting service extraordinaire).
These are fairly inexpensive, but since they’re across the pond, you have to figure in currency exchange and shipping rates. They can be found here through allsole.com
The Colorphile
Whelp, is it any surprise I had to put these on here? I do adore orange.Tangerine is not only on tend for this Fall/Winter, but will continue to be popular into F/W 2014 as well! These are investment rain boots. Their simple design will allow you to add fun and POP into whatever you pair it with; show the world that rain only means you shine a little brighter. 😉
These can be found here on Topshop.com and also come in bright cyan and neon yellow.
The Rain Rebel


These are my maybe-someday-when-I’m-rich boots. But for now, I feel free to lust over them. Studded, belted, sexy. Who doesn’t want to dominate the wet pavement rocking these things? They definitely look more like normal shoes and could be a more neutral piece for those who just wanna look good going about their day. Not to mention attitude never goes out of style.

These babies can be found here at Burberry.com

The Inner Child


There’s just something so fun and appealing about dressing super-chic and then donning a printed set of wellies. Tartan is my personal fave, because I actually own some of these in slightly different colors. (And during my puddle stomping/grocery shopping yesterday, a woman insisted they were “the cutest wellies she had ever seen!”. They’re a crowd-pleaser; serious). They get a lot of compliments, but mostly they brighten my day because I get to be a little bit silly. These particular boots not only sport traction (more rare in rain boots than you might think/hope), but they’re super warm and comfy on the inside as well.

Scoop up these functional (yes, I went there. Yikes.) boots here at REI.com

So there you have it! Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to do it in style. There’s a ton to choose from, and the bottom line is to really feel good about the style you choose! 😉

How do you feel about rain boots? Yay? Nay? Not convinced by my selection?
(hey, I’ll track you down another pair if it means a successful conversion!)


And the Winner is….

Congratulations to our very first blog giveaway winner!

Sakura Square Prize Pack


Based on the lovely randomizer (found via Google), KW at Musthaveboxes.com will be receiving the Sakura Square Prize Pack!



There will be more, my dears, so don’t fret. Just keep following for more updates, more news, and more free stuff. 😉

A Taste of the Pacific

Well, I know it’s been a while, but I haven’t found much to inspire me lately.

After attending First Fridays:
(as always, you can click for bigger semi-decent photos)

Sante Fe Street FF
Down Santa Fe FF Tribal Drumming FF
Break Dancing FF First Fridays Gallery

But I couldn’t find a whole lot to do during the weekdays! (It’s one of the sad signs that summer is winding down here in Colorado. ;( )

However, whilst wandering around downtown in search of something interesting, I ended up fairly close to one of my favorite spots. So instead of moping about the excess of free exercise I got meandering atound, I decided to share one of my favorite places in downtown Denver with you.

Sakura Square

Sakura Square ExteriorSakura Square

Nestled in between 19th Street and Larimer Street, Sakura Square is a bitty little taste of Asia displaced among the skyscrapers and business buildings. Primarily, it serves as a small shopping center and entrance to the Tamai Tower apartments that loom over it, but there’s little points of interest for everyone.

A small Japanese garden rests in the center, which I always find a calming retreat from the bustling route of 16th street which I generally travel to get here. In this beautiful and simple garden are the busts of Ralph L. Carr, Minoru Yasui, and Yoshitaka Tamai. Each has a nameplate and a bit of history if you are interested in that, and it’s an enjoyable read just to get a taste of Japanese-American history in Colorado. I find Ralph L. Carr’s bust to be of particular interest; he was the only elected official in the US to issue a public apology to the Japanese Americans for their internment during and after WWII. (The *only* elected official to do this! What a fantastic guy. I always thought that was amazing, especially having seen the desolate site of Colorado’s Camp Amache/Granada War Relocation Center for myself.)

In the square, there’s also a Buddhist temple, a restaurant (Yoko’s), and a book store (and dental places, for some reason…).  Aside from that, Sakura Square also hosts the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival in June, with traditional food and dances! It’s wonderful!

Personally, I can never pass by Sakura Square and not go buy myself a little treat!

Pacific Merchantile Company

Here is the Pacific Mercantile Company, an Asian grocery store located at the base of Sakura Square. They have things here I haven’t been able to find locally anywhere else, especially at such low prices. (And when I went this time, the huge blocks of curry mix were even on sale! ヽ(*▽*)ノ )  They’re only open until 6, so if you have work that day, you might have to book it, but it’s totally worth at least stopping by and giving this place a look-see.

Sakura Square Card Aisle Sakura Square Shelf Sakura Square Cold Drinks

They have cards, drinks, food, and cooking and dining supplies, along with a few beauty products and assorted miscellaneous stuff. (Try a Ramune, you have to push a marble into the bottle just to drink it! Or a Calpico drink. Or a delicious kiwi or mango-flavored mochi cake! ^w^ YUM!)

However! If you can’t make it out to my lovely Sakura Square yourself, I am pleased to announce…


Alright, to enter, just use the widget at the bottom. To enter, you simply have to leave a comment on this blog post. (It does have to be *relevant*! Or it won’t count. 😛) Why not leave your favorite place? Favorite Asian treat? Something you like about the blog?


You will be entered to win the Sakura Square Prize Pack!

(aka, I bought a bunch of small things any self-loving fashionista shouldn’t be without!)

Sakura Square Prize Pack(click for larger images!)

Sushi EraserTweezersDragon Tags

This prize pack includes:

1. An *adorable* eraser shaped like sushi. Sushi is so trendy, erasers are such a staple for designers, no?

2. A set of eyebrow tweezers- featuring an adorable manga-style print girl! Reminding you that beauty is maintenance.

3. Chopsticks featuring a schoolgirl motif. I couldn’t resist; sailor suit and all, her long socks make up the length of these fun chopsticks, which can be used as an eating utensil or to pull up your hair! (but please only do one…)

4. What fashionista isn’t a dragon inside?! These year of the dragon tags feature the Chinese zodiac figure along with writings on their attributes and dates. Who cares if you weren’t born year of the dragon- celebrate a strong year anyway!

Beauty Essentials for People with Zero Time

Here it is! See? I told you there would be two and there are. So…nya. 😛

Part of fashion is beauty, and beauty part of fashion. Like that rectangle-square relationship, they’re neither mutually exclusive or exclusive, but their traits tend to overlap. (It also doesn’t hurt that women love fashion and women love beauty tips. or that on the whole, fashionistas like things that are pretty.)

So, I offer unto you, my lovely internet readers, my secret to looking vibrant and alive despite my total lack of time to spend primping on a daily basis and the impracticality make-up serves in my work-related endeavors. (Usually I end up sprayed in the face with water at work. Every. Day. That’s what working with plants and flowers gets you. Pretty things are rude.)
The best part is, none of these items are over $15.

So without further ado, the four things that my life depends on [if I don’t want to look like death].

#1: Yes to GrapefruitYes to Grapefruit Brightening Facial Towelettes

These are phenom. They cleanse, they exfoliate, and generally give you that fresh-out-of-the-shower glow that makes your skin look healthy. Also, it helps get any oil, sweat, or cosmetics out of your pores to keep your face lovely. 🙂 I usually throw a bag in my purse and use one in the morning to get any grossness I might have missed, and then one mid-way through the day to freshen up.  Plus, they smell sweet and delicious! These only run about $5.99 for a pouch of 25 towelettes from their official website (or you can find them at Target if you don’t want to deal with shipping).

clean up your face!


Happy BoosterHappy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Baked Bronzer

Because I don’t like cakey foundations and I occasionally look pale in the morning (thanks, anemia!), this compact is my BF. It’s Physician’s Formula, so it’s not full of things that are too horrible to be on your face, and it actually smells pleasant. They claim it’s violets, but it’s more of a baby-powder/perfume sort of mix. In addition to making you glow like you’re excited to face the day, it’s made with natural plant extracts that are supposed to promote happiness. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but at the crack of dawn in the morning, anything helps. These will run you $13.95 for a compact, but if you watch the sales at King Soopers and Walgreen’s, you can usually snag them up for about $11.

get happy!


Pink Lemonadee.l.f. Essential All Over Color Stick in Pink Lemonade

I love this thing. Love. First off, it’s a whopping $1. And it’s actually GOOD. This is a quick, cheap, grab-n-go item that you can toss in your bag and use as blush, as lip color or even to brighten up your eyelids or temples. Pink Lemonade is my favourite color. Keeping in mind that I’m generally pretty pale (but yay, #2 bronzer!), but it makes a lovely blush and just a dab on my eyelids blended in makes me look more alert and awake. A little bit on your lips goes a long way though, it’s kind of pearl-y and shiny. You can order it online, or this is another good Target and occasionally Dollar Store find.

thirsty for some lemonade?


NatureLuxe Mousse MascaraNatureLuxe Mousse Mascara by Covergirl

I don’t wear eyeliner except very chic occasions, so this stuff is crucial to making my eyes look wide and alert. It’s natural (I think it’s made with bees wax), and you can completely tell that it doesn’t interfere with your eyelash health. I’ve had a lot of mascaras in the past, and what this one lacks in the falsies look, it makes up for with natural, long ad full-looking lashes. Plus, it washes off when you want it to and you don’t have to apply a million coats to look like a doe-eyed beauty. I would normally link you to the real page, but Covergirl sells primarily through others anyway, soooo… Pick it up from a Wal-Mart, Walgreen’s, Ulta, or anywhere else that sells Covergirl cosmetics. It’s only about $9.99 a tube.

lash up!

So, there you have it. Fantastical things I have found for you, on the cheap. They’re functional for running around trying to manage a busy lifestyle, or even just achieving a nice look with minimal effort, money, or too many icky chemicals. (also, it should be noted that all the images used are from their *official* product pages, and I was not given any money to endorse these! shame, really. ;P )

What about you guys? Do you have a favourite product you would love to share? I’d love to hear what else is out there!