Oranges & Zippers

I promise I haven’t been neglecting my blogging.
I’ve just been doing it twice a week elsewhere, on for my internship.

Also I went to the Nan Desu Kan 2013 anime and video game convention, finished my finals, quit my old job, interviewed and got a new job and had one whole day off to myself and my hunni.

It’s really a wonder my head doesn’t explode from all this multi-tasking. (Does anyone know what it’s like to have a peaceful day? I grew up near farmlands and honest-to-betsy COWS and I forgot.)

So here’s a re-cap of my writing:
Denver YKK Zipper Trend Event
Orange at Mercedes-Benz Fall Fashion Week 2013
Fall/Winter Fashion Trends for Colorado 2013
Come visit me over on FCF and I’ll continue to cross-blog when I can! Gino Velardi, a local Denver designer, is having a show Oct 3rd (ironically, my last day at the old job) so I’ll be sure to have lots of great coverage from that!

xxoo ❤


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