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I know I haven’t used this site since going on haitus, moving it, and then carrying on my fashion work in a more low-key way. BUT! I am still/again/perpetually studying, so now I am gunning for my 2nd bachelor’s in Marketing with a Major (to be officially declare-able in the fall, whoohoo!) in Japanese. So, if you still follow this blog, please allow me to share the spoils of my studies.


Social Publishing- what is it, why is it important, who is benefiting?

Social publishing is, in essence, online content creation for an audience. Social publishing can be editorial, commercial, or even user-generated. This very blog is an example of user-generated social publishing. And, to a lesser extent, my prior posts could also fall into the editorial category. This stuff is everywhere; blogs, microblogs, microsharing sites, media sharing sites, news sites, ebooks, etc. Think blogs, Twitter, Tumblr, SoundCloud, YouTube, Amazon Books, and BBC News Online, to name a few. Basically, if you can share it, count it.

It is important because it is part of our every day and continues to increase in presence. Even the vast majority of traditional publications have an online presence, and this presence can only be successful amid the myriad of other online content if it can be socially relevant.

Consider the value of an article online, posting an opinion of a new restaurant that lacks any interactivity versus one that allows people to comment, share another opinion of the place, easily share it with the click of a button to social media or to their friends via email. The latter will see so much more traffic, and this circulation helps to make it a viable source of marketing much like its printed counterpart. If this same restaurant was reviewed in an unpopular or not widely circulated magazine versus a page in the food section of The New York Times , the difference in results would be parallel to that of the two online publications.


It can also attract our attention to things we may not as consumers be interested in otherwise. Perhaps you search for your favorite brand of lipstick and find out from a beauty blogger there is a much cheaper and equally great substitute. Bam, mission accomplished. Or even accidentally coming upon something new on the internet and finding interest in a new brand or topic. StumbleUpon has made a lucrative business out of creating a way for users to find new and potentially interesting content by browsing the web pseudo-aimlessly.

So  who benefits from social publishing? Well, in my opinion, it is possible to find something for everyone (isn’t that the way of things here on the web?). Businesses can promote their own content or have incentivize people to share it for them, like web contests. Or, they can have people create content for them in a symbiotic relationship of social publishing, such as being an author at Buzzfeed. User-generated or independent creators can also benefit, not only by putting their work out there to potentially gain notoriety, but also can monetize their work by adding ads or affiliate hosting. As a user, we can all benefit if we choose to see it that way. The fairly open domain of social publishing allows us to possibly learn about something new, or even connect with people who have similar interests or feelings. (As a semi-retired blogger myself, I do love blogs- I may have a bias).


Although there are more pieces to the overall puzzle, I hope that at least provided some new information, or at least a new perspective, on this wacky thing we call Social Publishing.

What do you think? Did you learn anything new? (if anyone is still alive out there in my cricket-land, I apologize again, and sincerely hope this was an interesting read!)
Information for this article was taken from:
Social Media Marketing
ISBN-10: 9351509249
Authors: Tracy L. Tuten; Michael R. Solomon
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Published: August 2016








It’s official!

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Sorry for the non-posting, guys!

I kind of assumed everyone would know what was going on, but then I realized that’s kind of rude. We all know what assuming does.

So, here is my official notice of hiatus.

Between work, school, and my internship/externship at First Class Fashionista, I rarely have time to sleep, let alone update my blog.

HOWEVER I do update my work (every day of my life, basically).

I post 2 times a week on First Class Fashionista, so check out my work there!

Additionally, I update my Instagram & Twitter (serahstyles) and my Tumblr (serahinvogueish) on a really regular basis.


Thank you!

Sophia’s World Runway Show

Alright! I know I haven’t updated on CFW yet. I’m very bad, but I promise it’s because I have a ton of photos and personal (and unbiased) reviews on each of the designers featured. I represented my own blog, and I’m a very… honest reviewer, so I promise you’ll have the truth exactly as I see it.

Until then! I do have a quick thing I wanted to bring up. Before I landed my new job, I was going to be off early enough to attend this fashion show that I was told about last week. Sadly it is no longer the case, but I want to give her a shout-out anyway!

I met Nancy, owner of Sophia’s World Boutique in Palmer Lake, CO at the Gino Velardi fashion show. She told me that she was having a show next (which is now *this*) week in Monument. This event is intended as a fundraiser, with the proceeds going to benefit the Military Artistic Healing Program. Because of her primary military occupation, Nancy wanted to use her side-job (the boutique) to help address a problem that she feels strongly about. As it was explained to me, this program uses art to reach out to active-duty and veteran military personnel with post-traumatic stress.

I think this is a great way to use something we love to solve humanitarian issues that we see around us every day. Why not use art and fashion as they were intended, to make the world a more beautiful, enjoyable place to live?

Even though I can’t go, I urge those of you who are up there to go check it out!

They will be featuring a few more local boutiques, showcasing Fall 2013 looks that you can love on the runway and take home and rock them yourself!

The event is tomorrow (I know, it’s short notice, I’m sorry), 2-5 at the Secret Window Fine Art Gallery.
Tickets are $25 in advance (it’s Eventbrite, so tickets bought before the event still count as “advance”) and $30 at the door.

Again, it’s going to a great cause. If anyone is interested, you can get more information and tickets on their Eventbrite page here.

Colorado Fashion Week – Sneak Peek!

Okay guys, I managed to go to Colorado Fashion Week this Saturday, and let me tell you; It was amazing. Seriously, I was impressed. (Not so much with the continuous delays, but still impressed overall.)


(lookie! I even got a Press Pass! >w< Okay, so my name is spelled wrong, but who cares? Haha)

I have a ton of photos to share with you all, but unfortunately you’re gonna have to bear with me for a day or two while I go through them. Not only does my poor iPhone (currently standing-in for my digital camera) have some sort of corruption in it, but I took over 300 photos of the event!

So, it’ll basically be like you were sitting right there with me and my friend B if we can all be patient and endure the drudgery that is photo editing (did I mention I’m not a photographer?)!

As a teaser, here are a few of the finale’s from the collections featured in the show! (Sorry Robbi Sayuri, I still adore you, but my phone corrupted your finale video when I went to brag about you to my friends. So, Robbi=good; technology=bad. 😦 ) Don’t worry for those of you who are curious I will be adding the designer names and whatnot soon as well.

10 Reasons to Go to Colorado Fashion Week 2013 – FCF

this blog post was originally seen here at First Class Fashionista! This is an attempt to unify, cross-blog, and continue to promote a very important event in the Denver fashion scene! You DO need to attend *something* this week! 😉

photo used from CFW’s official Facebook page

You’ve heard the buzz…It’s time for Colorado Fashion Week!
If you haven’t had the run-down yet, run over and check Marissa’s lovely summary of this year’s event here at First Class Fashionista.

So assuming you know what’s going to be going on, you- like me- are no doubt excited for at least a handful of events that are to occur. Here’s a short list of reasons that you definitely need to be in attendance.
photo used from CFW’s official Facebook page

10. Q&A with industry professionals

October 4th at 4pm, Walker Fine Art Gallery will play host to the  Business Of Fashion Town Hall Meeting and Panel Discussion. After an hour of insight and discussion from the industry panelists, the floor will be open to questions from the audience at 6pm. If you have a question about the business of fashion, the fashion industry, or making it in Denver this is the perfect opportunity to ask! How often will you get the chance to be in a room full of people with insight? Good opportunity.

9. Saturday with AI Alum Robbi Sayuri

Not to shamelessly plug my university, but I’m going to shamelessly plug my university. Robbi is a recent graduate of The Art Institute of Colorado, and speaking from personal experience she really does make some beautiful things. This is a wonderful chance to support not only a local Denver designer, but a talented AI graduate. It’s going to be a debut collection to remember- I promise.

8. Hair & Makeup Art in Action

The 3rd Annual “CFW Masters of Hair + Make-Up Artistry Fashion Runway Show”, spanning 3 days, will be running under the theme Fashion Is Art/Life Is Art: Lady Gaga Meets Grace Jones. Gaga and Jones? I can only imagine the couture looks that we will be privy to seeing. These artists blow me away with their moving art.

7. The Oxford Hotel

If you’ve never been to The Oxford Hotel, you’re missing out. It’s been voted the #1 hotel in the West by Condé Nast, and nestled in LoDo. It’s a mixture of European antiques and updated splendor. It’s hosting the runway shows October 5th and is enough to make any woman feel glamorous.

6. Trunk Show

There will be a trunk show October 6th, after the runway events, several local boutiques, MAI Couture, and many of the designers who presented runway looks. It’s the chance for the masses to bring some beauty home. I will be there scoping out rare finds that I absolutely can’t live without!

5. Good Karma

This year, Colorado Fashion Week will be starting a bit later in the evening to make sure guests are able to get to the Gino Velardi Fashion Show and Fundraiser Event. Each ticket sold to this show actually goes to helping the designer with his medical bills that have accrued due to cancer. They’re actually pretty affordable tickets for a fashion show, and you also get to see a retrospective-style presentation of Gino Velardi’s previous works. Good event, good cause.

4. Back-to-back Runway Shows

Anyone else get sad that runway shows are usually only 45 minutes long? And those shows require a lot of looks and production for a single designer. So, with back-to-back shows, we get to watch shows from 7pm to 9pm. That’s two hours with a short intermission. I’m very excited.

3.  The After Party

Don’t wanna go to bed? I always feel the need to step out on the town for a classy drink after a fashion show, and now I can- with all of you! From 10pm to 2am Mile High Spirits will be hosting the Official CFW 2013 Closing Night Fashion Party. See you until last call!

2. An Excuse to Dress Up

It’s time to bust out that slinky cocktail dress, that piece too haute couture for everyday wear, or your favorite stilettos, because Colorado Fashion Week is also an excuse to DRESS UP! So pretty yourself up and prepare for a night on the town. Try to avoid the cab-to-curb heels if you plan on walking to the after party on Saturday, though. Unless, of course, you plan to cab around anyway. Then by all means, go ahead.

1. Creating a Sustainable Fashion Culture for Colorado

This is the best reason to come! Denver may not be huge on the fashion scene yet, but it takes a lot of working together to get us there; and we are becoming a force to be reckoned with. Buying tickets and generating buzz and growing these events are how we continue to foster the growth of our fashion culture and local businesses.

So, if that didn’t convince you, I’m out of ideas. You can’t argue with a perfectly good top 10 list.
So dress up and come down; the team at First Class Fashionista will meet you there!

photo used from CFW’s official Facebook page

Ticket information available at

sources used: The Denver Post, Colorado Fashion Week Facebook Page

Fall Trends ; Rain Boot Edition

Well, fall is officially here!

And for those of us in Colorado, the first couple weeks of Autumn means some intense raining.

Seriously, flooding happens. Dams broke, roads were closed, I thought I wasn’t going to make it to work (and in all reality, should have probably weaseled out of that flood-plain adventure.). So, what’s an out-and-about girl to do? Not all of us can avoid the weather and hide inside sipping fresh apple cider and pouring over the September issues of our favorite mags again (wish as we might) so….
When the weather gets tough, the tough get rain boots!

I know. It sounds pretty horribly lame. Rain boots have this negative, childish connotation that seriously needs to end its reign here. (Get it? I’m punny.) They’re functional footwear, and there are ways to still look good while keeping your new pedi dry; here’s my top 5 looks for every personality.

The Classicist

Joules Women's Welly Print Wellies - Navy Floral

For the woman who wants to totally eschew the childish appeal while reaping the rewards of the wellies, we have this lovely pair from Joules. These lovely things are not only a classy way to incorporate rain boots into your wardrobe, but florals are completely on-trend for Fall/Winter 2013 (according to Stylesight, my dear love and forecasting service extraordinaire).
These are fairly inexpensive, but since they’re across the pond, you have to figure in currency exchange and shipping rates. They can be found here through
The Colorphile
Whelp, is it any surprise I had to put these on here? I do adore orange.Tangerine is not only on tend for this Fall/Winter, but will continue to be popular into F/W 2014 as well! These are investment rain boots. Their simple design will allow you to add fun and POP into whatever you pair it with; show the world that rain only means you shine a little brighter. 😉
These can be found here on and also come in bright cyan and neon yellow.
The Rain Rebel


These are my maybe-someday-when-I’m-rich boots. But for now, I feel free to lust over them. Studded, belted, sexy. Who doesn’t want to dominate the wet pavement rocking these things? They definitely look more like normal shoes and could be a more neutral piece for those who just wanna look good going about their day. Not to mention attitude never goes out of style.

These babies can be found here at

The Inner Child


There’s just something so fun and appealing about dressing super-chic and then donning a printed set of wellies. Tartan is my personal fave, because I actually own some of these in slightly different colors. (And during my puddle stomping/grocery shopping yesterday, a woman insisted they were “the cutest wellies she had ever seen!”. They’re a crowd-pleaser; serious). They get a lot of compliments, but mostly they brighten my day because I get to be a little bit silly. These particular boots not only sport traction (more rare in rain boots than you might think/hope), but they’re super warm and comfy on the inside as well.

Scoop up these functional (yes, I went there. Yikes.) boots here at

So there you have it! Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to do it in style. There’s a ton to choose from, and the bottom line is to really feel good about the style you choose! 😉

How do you feel about rain boots? Yay? Nay? Not convinced by my selection?
(hey, I’ll track you down another pair if it means a successful conversion!)